Rocket League Team

Rev’ up your engines and keep your eye on the ball, because our Rocket League team is showing no signs of slowing down. Our amazing Rocket League players, Bradford(AKA Bradical) and David(AKA INCITE), have been playing together since July of 2017 and have been dominating tournaments ever since. They look to make a name for themselves and create more interest in the Esports community. They love how Rocket League is an easy to learn game, while still being one of the hardest to master. But I assure you, we’ve got two masters hoisting the CLT Esports banner! Support our guys as they take the field and dominate the game!

***Update: We recently added our newest player, Jasper Conachan, a Charlotte Native with some serious promise. We are excited to see his growth and where he can help us go!***