Marvel and League of Legends Unite!

Marvel and League of Legends Unite!

Did you grow up reading and loving Marvel Comics? Did the tales of heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Spiderman use up hours of your free time? And, now that you’re older, have you been playing the most popular MOBA out there, League of Legends? Well, do I have great news for you! Marvel Comics and Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, are teaming up to create what the fans want: A more creative way to view and read LoL Lore.

Marvel Comics is going to create an all new comic series based off of the LoL Lore that the players love. Riot has limited the comics to publishings on their site, which will be centered around certain champions and their visual/gameplay updates. Comics featuring Darius, a bloodthirsty Noxian who hates everything about Demacia, and Jinx, a crazed gun-wielding maniac that views blowing things up as an everyday pass time, have already been created and are up on Riot’s website. These comics really allow you to dive deep into a characters past or give you something goofy and funny to laugh at.

The Lore in LoL has always been something that most players had on the back-burner, not thinking it was too important. Riot has always implemented little bits and pieces of its Lore into gameplay, but players would never realize that because they’ve never read the Lore. For example, there’s a interaction between two characters known as Tahm Kench and Draven where Tahm Kench says “I wonder – how can you receive the attention you deserve… while your brother is in the way?”. Why is this important? Because Draven is always being overshadowed by his brother, Darius, who is a highly respected warrior in the Noxian military. People would never know things like that if they have never read the Lore!

Riot looks to create more and more comics on their champions in the coming months and years, hopefully spanning across each and every champion. It also helps that the universes of Marvel and League of Legends are extremely similar. Both universes have a massive variety of characters as well as deep backstory for those characters. It’s going to be an interesting time seeing how the creative team at Marvel brings the champions that players know and love to life!

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I wonder - how can you receive the attention you deserve... while your brother is in the way?
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